Pictures Speak Louder than Words!



Brooklyn, my 3 year old granddaughter, who was my inspiration for my That’s SO Brooklyn! storybook, was absolutely thrilled when I presented her with the Brooklyn dolls I created to go along with the storybook.


She talked to them and, of course, she had to put them to sleep next to her. Actually, I’m not sure who put who to sleep that night!


Anyway you look at it, this is a really fun birthday gift!


Reading the storybook, Today Is My Birthday And I Have NOTHING To Wear!, to your granddaughter on her birthday, is PRICELESS!


So, I’m in Books and Books on Miami Beach one afternoon in their amazingly fun children’s section and what do I discover?  My storybooks!  What???

Visit all of the Books and Books stores to find many more treasures!


My granddaughter, Harlee Rayne, who inspired a character in the storybook, That’s So Brooklyn!, loves bath time. Can you find her in the storybook?


The huge quiet whistle attached to each Sean Michael K. Whistles the Wrong Way! storybook is a wonderful way for kids to feel success when learning to whistle. The brightly colored pages of this fun rhyming story will inspire success like this young man found. He learned to whistle and I heard was laughing the whole way through!


There is something very special when an author can read her storybook to the little girl who was her inspiration….. Meet Brooklyn Violet!


There is nothing more delicious then mac and cheese and my Glamma’s storybook, That’s So Brooklyn!.

Reading to these beautiful daughters of a friend of mine was a really fun experience. They LOVED the story!



This is Riley, who is my cousin’s adorable grandson. I went to his baby shower and had everyone sign one of my Baby’s First Friends “AutigraffiTee’s”. The crowd loved this gift!


The little baby in the middle is my granddaughter, BROOKLYN VIOLET! Her new friends loved reading to her. Brooklyn was happy to see the big, brightly colored pictures in the storybook.




Tableful of beautiful headbands custom made for my new storybook, That’s SO Brooklyn!.


Some creative marketing!!!!


My grandson Noah is enjoying one of my storybooks read to him by his mom, my daughter-in-law, Elizabeth. He seems to be intrigued by the story and the brightly colored pictures!          
This was so special to receive  from one of our customers..



My granddaughter, Harlee, who is an illustrated character in That’s SO Brooklyn!, loves when I read to her.


2018 Miami International Book Fair

My favorite thing to do is be with the kids…

Even if they forgot their credit cards!