Note Quotes™ Giggle Pads

Our original Note Quotes™ giggle pads are an amusing, fun gift idea that will make everyone happy. All handcrafted, each Note Quotes™ giggle pad contains a piece of metal art, recycled paper, and 8 adorable sayings that are humorous or endearing on 64 pages.  Keep one at your desk and pop a note to someone for a giggle or find the perfect friend or family member to give a gift of laughs to..  Good things come in small packages!

Note Quotes™

Attitude ™

For that little bit of “attitude” in all of us!

“Own it!”


Note Quotes™

Diet Schmiet™

What’s better?  Kale or Cookies?  Find out when you turn the pages of our original Diet Schmiet Note Quotes™ giggle pad.


Note Quotes ™

Menopause Moments™

…Enough said!

Note Quotes™

From The Heart™

This giggle pad will inspire you page after page.