Introduce your child to comical, rhyming, beautifully illustrated storybooks that they will LOVE to listen to or read themselves. Each storybook is autographed by the author. For ages 3-8.

Sean Michael K. Whistles the Wrong Way!

This storybook has a detachable “quiet” whistle. Colors may vary.

“Sean had a problem that quickly arose. He mixed up the way that the whistle goes. Instead of OUT, he whistled IN. That’s when his troubles began to begin.” Join Sean Michael K. on a comical adventure as he learns to whistle! He finds success within and has tons of fun along the way.

Today Is My Birthday And I Have NOTHING To Wear!

This storybook has a detachable bow hair clip.

OH NO! It’s Lola’s birthday, and she just discovered that her favorite tutu doesn’t fit! “When did teeny weenie me, get so very, very tall???”  Join Lola as she takes an adventure through her family’s closets in search of the perfect birthday outfit!

That’s So Brooklyn!

This storybook has a beautiful wearable headband attached. Headband designs may vary.

This is the story about a little girl named Brooklyn Violet. Brooklyn is beautiful. Brooklyn is sweet, but she likes to wear headbands all over her…….  Brooklyn has a lot of fine qualities about her, including a wacky imagination!